Wednesday, 23 January 2013


After a long 7 day week of work I woke up this morning feeling like I needed something a little extra special for breakfast. Inspired by my surroundings, I thought nothing would be prettier (and tastier) than little mountain shaped slices of brioche dusted with a sheet of icing sugar snow. But what to pair with it?

The other day I was charmed by this wonderful new marmalade that was delivered to my workplace. Amalfi lemon and vanilla, who would not be tempted by such a combination? It's made by the wonderful Hackney based London Borough of Jam company. This was the perfect accompaniment to my French toast, the subtle tartness of the citrus Amalfi lemon cutting through the richness of the brioche just perfectly.
If you'd like to buy some of this wonderful marmalade I recommend paying a visit to La Fromagerie, and whilst you're there maybe you can say hello to me and thank me in advance.

French toast for 1:

100ml milk
2 eggs
2 tbsp caster sugar (I used my homemade vanilla sugar)
2 slices brioche
Butter for frying
Icing sugar to decorate

Beat together the milk, eggs and sugar in a shallow bowl. Dunk the slices of brioche in the mixture until well coated and absorbed. Melt the butter in a frying pan, when the butter is sizzling slide the brioche into the pan and cook untill golden and crisp on either side. Cut the French toast as you please and dust with your preferred amount of icing sugar. Serve with a nice marmalade, jam, compote or fresh fruit in the summer.


Athena said...

Where did you find the brioche? I looks perfect for french toast! I normally use round belgian toast but of course I need to have a replacement when I'm in London!

hannahalehandra said...

The brioche is also from my workplace La Fromagerie. We have it delivered fresh every morning.. It's delicious. said...

beautiful photos and the French toast looks delicious :-) said...

beautiful photos and the French toast looks delicious :-)

The Style Report said...

I really like your photos. What camera and lens do you use? xoxo